Food I’ve seen or tried while in my travels

Bucktown/Wicker Park Food Tour Chicago

This was another great food tour which took us around the Bucktown and Wicker Park areas.  The guide was very informative and had interesting stories about the houses, people and history of the area.

Starting at George’s Hot Dogs for the traditional Chicago style hot dog (never put ketchup on it!):

We then moved on to Hot Chocolate – award winning sweets, but they also do dinners (book in advance!).  The homemade marshmallow on top was amazing!

We then popped into the Goddess and Grocer for a healthier salad treat, and got to check out the wares of this beautiful deli:

After a bit of a wander around the area, learning about it’s history and admiring the houses, we retreated from the cold at a cleverly named and branded pizza joint, Piece, for a slice of the much more popular thin crust pizza and a small taste of 312 beer:

Just as we thought we were full of food, we had one more savoury stop, Sultan’s Market for a falafel filled pita bread (it was amazing!):

Finally we made it to my personal favourite, iCream, where they make their ice cream to order with liquid nitrogen.  This means you can basically order any flavour combination your heart desires!  Ours was nutella, cream soda and white chocoalte:


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Near North Food Tour In Chicago

I’ve just arrive back from 2 weeks in the States, and of course one of my main sightseeing tasks included food!  Since I’ve never been to Chicago before, and didn’t know the city very well, I booked in for a Chicago Food Planet Tour.  Here are some of the dishes we ate along the way:

Reuben Sandwich, with their own swirled rye bread, home made sauerkraut and thousand island dressing (which includes beetroot and boiled egg!) at Ashkenaz Deli:

Deep Dish pizza at Lou Malnati’s – more like a pie than a pizza, the pastry-like crust is delicious:

Next stops were TeaGschwendner, then Old Town Oil which had one of the best in store signs I’ve seen in a while:

The Spice House was next; they are experts in anything to do with herbs and spices – my personal favourite was the Porcini Salt Cream:

The onto the sweet part – The Fudge Pot, where we tried some delicious honeycomb chocolate crunch:

After learning a bit of history of the area, we finished at Delightful Pastries for some traditional Polish treats:

Overall, it was a great tour, from the food aspect and from the historical aspect.  I’d highly recommend it for people who have not visited Chicago before!

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