My challenge for 2012

After getting what I like to call “cooking block” towards the end of 2011, I decided that I needed to increase my cooking repertoire.  Inspired by the movie Julie & Julia, I thought I would set myself the challenge of making 52 new dishes in 52 weeks.  Here goes!

I like to make quick, healthy and interesting dinners and after a day in the office including a gym session, it can often be difficult and all too hard to think of new things to make.  Often we can just resort to the things we have always done, and after a while it does get boring!  I often use “Jamie Oliver 30 minute meal” dishes as part of my dinner creation, but I usually combine them with other things I’ve found online, in newspapers or throughout my growing collection of recipe books.

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2 thoughts on “My challenge for 2012

  1. Barbara Waller

    Wow!! That is some challenge…recently watched the movie ‘Julie & Julia’ again…and yes it is an inspiration to try something new. I will follow with interest and attempt to try some of your new recipes too 🙂 Good luck!! x

  2. This is very cool! I have now added you to my favourites – let the creativity begin! 🙂

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